Hi Amanda, I just wanted to drop you a quick message to thank you for all the hard work you are putting in with Bobby. When he first came to you he had no vocabulary at all and wandered around in his own little world without acknowledging anything around him. Now we have a very confident, funny little boy who loves to interact and has a new found sense of adventure. He now has a range of around 20 words and is able to freely communicate with us either with speech or with his pecs cards that you have introduced him to. His non existent imaginary play has been replaced with the most amazing imagination that allows us to play with toys we never thought we would be able to buy, and Bobby's relationship with his little sister is now a loving playful one. All of this in 4 short months. We are all so excited to see what the future holds for Bobby and we are extremely grateful for all your help. X

- parent of three-year-old

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"​Amanda has been looking after our five year old son, Oliver, who has autism, for about two years now and we love how sensitive she is to his needs. Amanda always chooses activities that Oliver finds fun and engaging. Amanda is very encouraging, optimistic and always gives us advice on how to develop his communication skills. Amanda is like a member of our family now and we are very fortunate to have her in our lives!"

- Parent of five-year-old

A very good and professional friend of mine called me and asked to search for The Rainbow Project on facebook as she knew how much I was desperate to find a reliable and specialized in autism for my 4 years old daughter cause I was completely disappointed of school, I emailed Amanda and asked for an appointment and she immediately answered and we met, from the first moments I knew that she is the Rightest person and I got that kind of feeling that I can trust her and leave mychild with, just after 2/3 sessions Amanda assessed my daughter and commented about her and I noticed that just in a few sessions she now knows my daughter better than anybody who is involve in her case, Amanda noticed all her strengths and weaknesses and she started a very organised and complete plan with my daughter and just in a few weeks we noticed a massive improvement in my daughters behaviour, communication and skills.The way Amanda approach her and communicate with her is just unbelievable, they obviously love each other and understand each other easily, she stays with Amanda 1 hour a day each Monday and Wednesday, when she gets to Amanda; because she's been to nursery for 3 hours and its close to her nap time; she seems really fresh and enjoys her session, and she co-operate very well cause she is happy at Amanda's place.
Every time I pick up my daughter I get Amanda's report and tips and advices which are really helpful.
Amanda is a lovely and reliable childminder who even is helping me to decide and choose a proper school and educational plan for my daughter, she came to school meeting and really fought for my daughter.
From the bottom of my heart I appreciate her and I am thankful for having such an amazing person in this hard and frustrating way and I can say Amanda is my biggest hope to help my daughter and hopefully me and Amanda will create a brighter future for her.
Thanks Amanda for all your supports

- parent of four-year-old

My 3 year old son has been with Amanda for well over a month now and we are seeing some amazing changes. He came to the Rainbow Project non-verbal, now he is saying new words and sounds every day. She works on a personal level to what my son is interested in a safe environment and it works. He is understanding more, his frustration has reduced and he has begun to socialize with other children. The best thing we ever done after over a year of struggling to make the same progress definitely recommend to anyone with children with learning difficulties.

- Parent of three-year-old

Amanda is amazing at her job. Since going [my child] has improved so much.
Amanda makes everything personalised especially for your child's needs, her understanding is unbelievable and really connects with the child.
I would really recommend her to any child struggling.

- Parent of two-year-old

"​Amanda has been really helpful and very professional, looking after my child. She has adapted resources and regularly makes her own resources according to my child's ability/needs.
Amanda is very dedicated and committed to her work and she enjoys what she does. She uses PECS, the TEACCH approach, and has gradually built up my daughter's skills.
Amanda is always very attentive, friendly and always works well with my daughter, getting down to her level and doing lots of intensive interaction has been of great benefit.
My child's eye contact has improved, she has become more interactive and her understanding has also improved. My daughter knows when Amanda is coming and she gets very excited and happy to see her. She always enjoys her time with Amanda!
Amanda works hard, is very enthusiastic and I trust her completely!"

- Parent of (now) six-year-old