Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

"She has high expectations for the children. She builds their learning in very small, highly targeted steps which are extremely well matched to their individual learning needs and interests. The development of children's communication is at the core of all that the childminder does.
She uses a wide range of strategies, including sign and picture symbols alongside spoken words. These strategies help children express their needs and thinking. The childminder uses her excellent understanding of how children learn and patterns of play to shape their learning. She is highly skilled at planning varied activities and moving sessions at a fast pace to maintain children's interest."

Outcomes for children

"Children make huge strides in their personal and social development. The childminder helps children manage their anxieties and behaviours."

"The childminder recognises that children need to feel safe to learn. She talks calmly to the children and builds highly consistent, predictable routines so children know what to expect and what comes next. They thrive in the
childminder's care and become confident to initiate her involvement in their play, which is often a huge stride in their development."

"The barriers to their learning which autism and other learning difficulties present mean that children all have very low starting points. However, they settle quickly and begin to make rapid progress in an environment which is specifically tailored to their individual needs."

"The quality of teaching is outstanding. Children are continually assessed to plan next steps to challenge each individual to make the best progress they can. They make outstanding progress from exceptionally low starting points."

In January 2018, The Rainbow Project was inspected by Ofsted and received an 'Outstanding' grade in all areas.

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Ofsted Report